BEYOUland brings you the FIRST FLOATING BOUTIQUES in the Middle East. Join us and be part of an exclusive experience where culture, traditions, fashion, and friendship celebrates the past and future of the city.

As the first floating boutiques in the Middle East, we want you to participate in a project that will attract a wide range of global tourists and the typically young, professional expatriates and affluent Emirati residents with high disposable income levels that drive retail, leisure and recreational spend.

Expecting 9 MILLION footfall in the first year.

Our target audience would be tourist and residents looking for an explorer searching for new, invigorating and authentic experiences, stories to share and memories to treasure. BEYOUland Al Seef is a unique opportunity for brands aiming at a discerning target market that is always looking for new and engaging experiences. 



A year contract for 23,300AED per month


A six month contract for 26,500AED per month


A three month contract for 33,000AED a month


Why Al Seef?

As part of its program to diversify the city’s global appeal the Government of Dubai is ushering in plans to revive the areas of Dubai along the creek that formed its original heart.

This development is proof that Dubai remains true to the tapestry of cultures and traditions that made it and still thrive within it today.

Al Seef is located along the shores of Dubai’s enigmatic creek, for centuries the focal point of the city’s activities; where cultures meet, friendships form, traditions are shared, and history celebrated. Now there is an opportunity to be part of a project in the right place, at the right time.

The 1.8 km of waterfront property and views will make Al Seef an exciting and unique venue for our market. With remarkable architecture and activities, the rejuvenated location will undoubtedly become a must-visit destination for tourists and residents and one of the world’s most admired regeneration projects.